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恋するSpaceGirl - Snails House - Love Story (File, MP3)

I want to at least have something ordered before the end of the month, preferably by next week, so I can get some reading done. Thanks for the suggestion : I ended up ordering Graded Readers Level 2 volume 1. I also ordered a practice book for the listening part of JLPT N4, since I hope to take the test in December and I might as well get started on listening practice since I really suck at it.

So I expect to be able to do N4 without much trouble with my current pace that way I will also motivate myself to keep the pace.

Only annoying thing is that my packages seems to get stuck in customs. I will get all slack down before April 1st though, no doubt. Done and beyond! I was doubting this a bit since my reviews have not come down as fast as I hoped, but I decided to start adding new cards anyway since that is also some of what keeps me motivated to do the reviews. Pokemon is relaxing to watch but also not all that exciting. I have watched 7 episodes this month so far. This one… Not done at all. I have listened maybe hours in total all month, so not too good.

I immerse actively when watching anime instead. I bought Graded Readers level 2 volume 1 but has not started reading it yet. Regain my momentum. Continue not using any subtitles.

Finish Kanji Kingdom Stage 2 this month. Gonna need to really push for this one as my momentum has been pretty bad. All but 3 days- no excuse! I need a more measurable speaking goal for April. Complete Anki reviews, catch up with a modest backlog 2. Finish adding cards relating to Dictionary of Basic Grammar 3. Add hiragana writing cards to Anki, nail writing the hiragana 4.

Go to Japan! Terrible month of illness, insane work, and a holiday to Japan meant little got done. I loved it so much. I caught up with friends I made last year and made more — giving me a compelling reason to keep studying. I was able to have some simple conversations in Japanese, and read far more signs and whatnot than last year. Finish RTK. Finish jalup intermediate and start on advanced. Finish second novel and begin reading more.

Listen to shadowing cds when at home, and audio dramas on the go. Got through all the new cards but started slacking off on reviews these past few days. Listened to a few audio dramas at the beginning of the month but that was it.

Since setting goals for February went so well for me, I guess I have no choice but to try it again for March. Finish Kanji Kingdom stage 1 3. Unfortunately I almost failed all my goals this month. Spring break happened, which caused me to completely fall out of my routine. Somehow, studying Japanese is easier during school. Finished stage 1 and barely started on stage 2 2. Added like 20 or so cards 3. I ended up watching a lot of anime during the break.

I will finally start making my own deck this month after using premade decks since I started. I would like to read a chapter a day, but would be happy with just reading 2 books this month. Planning out my study time has really helped me this month, I am currently 4 episodes away from having both Parasyte and God Eater finished, I have 2 episodes left to watch in each. I am also at cards in my anki deck now, got to and kept going, I have been doing around a day and will keep doing more until at least next month, then I will start on the new deck I am making.

I still need to find a way to make audio files for them, but other than that it is an easy process. I only ended up making around 10 cards, but I am making them with pictures and audio and it took me awhile to figure everything out. I do have a list of about 30 or so more words to makes cards out of for next month now though.

I also started playing my vita again this month so I have been playing a decent amount of Japanese games. Overall I surpassed all of my goals for the month and am happy with what I did this month. Read at least NHK News articles. Go through my first Japanese novel. I might be over my head with it though.

Good luck. The news target took a depressing turn with the earthquake and I eventually switched to daily updates in general, was previously following it on 2 news sites. Later on, I got Umineko and later Clannad in the mail.

Umineko proves to be more difficult then I expected so I am reading Clannad first. Still, has been a good month of progress, but I still am not satisfied with myself. After finaly being able to read fast enough so i can read and finish novels in a reasanable time for me I thought i put a nice Challenging reading Goal for myself for April.

I hope my japanese will get a nice push from that. Kind of Strange how fast reading Goals can change, it was only a few Days ago i finished my first Novel in Japanese never finished one before and I was happy to read 10 Pages every Day.

Using challenging goals to push yourself forward is great! I also want to read Harry Potter in Japanese when I get to reading novels. Looking very much forward to it. Kind of failed my goals pretty badly. Only mangaed Harry Potter book 2 and then lost kind of interest in reading Harry Potter.

Then i started reading durarara which was a way tougher read than harry potter so it went slower, but should at least still finish the first volume this month.

So at the end I read only around novel pages this Month its at least something right? For months I have been learning how to learn and falling into the pitfall of doing all my research on how to learn Japanese instead of just doing it. I have learned quite a bit and have been able to plan my next month. April and May are going to be some hardcore powerleveling months for me. My plans for this month is: 70 new kanji everyday through RTK and anki. Listen to 2 podcasts of JapanesePod each day 1 on my way to work and one on my way to martial arts 1 lesson of Pimsleur on my way home from work To help practice my speaking Go through Japanese From Zero to learn some basic grammar Immerse my self the rest of the day.

Yes it will be a heavy intensive schedule but to be honest I used to do Taekwondo for 8 hours a day when I used to have summer vacations so I know this is very doable for me. Good Luck, here are some tips. I am assuming that if you are able to continue this pace, it should take you 1 month for RTK, and 1 month for JalUp beginner. Slowly replace the dialogs with native media. Try to practice writing kana too. Sure they both look colorful and inviting, and it seems that they would teach you a lot, but not really.

I prefer Tae Kim because it cuts out the fluff. Use these guides in conjunction with JapanesePod and JalUp decks for maximum benefit. FWIW, Manan is right on the money. Tae Kim is brilliant, and selective use of JPod is helpful. Immerse and continue to produce J-J cards. I expect to raise this to 15 once my reviews come down to a reasonable level.

Hopefully that will be this month. Continue J-J kanji studies. Been doing ok, lots of cards produced. I actually managed to raise this to 20 early in the month, so doing really well. That pace is comfortable at the moment, so will try to keep it up. Done, approx. Doing well on this one. Almost done with grade 2 kanji. New goal: Finish Stage 2 which will be about 10 per day. This went better than I expected. But speaking is starting to feel more natural now. I wish I would have done this from day 1.

For the new goal I set of finishing Kanji Kingdom stage 2. Finished Jouyou kanji just now after 36 days of study. Finish rereading No. Continue to make and do 5 new J-J cards a day. If they come on time, read No. Keep up with it, and subtitles are forbidden. Well, I finished rereading the first No. Unfortunately I have gotten lazy on reviews the past week. I have about 50 more pages. I did not make a single card this month. I read both within two days, and will be rereading them during the manga challenge.

Had an unexpected opportunity this past month to get a bunch of speaking practice, and it did a lot for my confidence in that area. The character routes are pretty lame, I thought, but the main route was pretty great imo. This will almost get me to the finish line with the JALUP Intermediate deck so stretch goal is to do a few extra on days when I can to wrap this up by the end of April.

No set amounts, just getting the habit of reading every day no matter what back. Not quite, closer to 10 a day most days.

Also, my reviews took about a week longer to get down to where I wanted them than I anticipated so I was a week late with starting to add again.

I might bump it up or start doing less if my reviews get too high. I made this what I thought would be easy with how motivated I was feeling, but just barely finished it in time. I completed this one, and it felt nice to finally beat the game, and I bought Persona 4 Dancing All Night when I saw it recommended here and I have been playing a decent amount of it this month as well. I fell off the Japanese wagon this month, hard. School being ultra stressful and all kinds of tests and crap really threw off my Japanese.

And by fall off I mean fell off with skid marks, completely stopped immersion, anki, visiting jalup. After a few days I regained all my motivation : Only watched 3 english youtube videos this month compared to before. So far on track! Hope May is a time of change. This month was such a success. I hope I finish Jalup Advanced next month if I can and read a lot. Very nice!

Keep it up! Really start one or both of the games that I received as a gift over a year ago. These games are games I have never played in English, and when I received them they were too difficult for me to be fun. So far, I have only played games in Japanese that I have previously played in English. After the novel challenge here, and after two rounds of the Tadoku Contest, I think I am ready to tackle one or two brand new games in Japanese. Start translating Mahou Tsukai Precure for my spouse.

While my Japanese is not good enough to translate anything adult or official yet, I think it is likely to be good enough to translate Precure. This will also mean that I will be able to watch it with my spouse, with the only English I see being that which I have written. Write 3 times a week in my Japanese journal. I did start both games. I was able to get much further past the place where I gave up the first time, and I made a good start.

It is fun. I do not know that it is my favorite game, but ok. Well, I am stuck, but I do not think it is because of Japanese…I was able to follow and understand all of the instructions. Still, I think that I did enough to count this goal as complete. I just finished the first episode last night…and it took me forever, even though the Japanese was easy enough. Translating is hard! I am going to continue working on it, and I hope that with practice I will get faster.

In progress. I think I like it, so this has become my regular practice. So far so good. It is in my Habitica Dailies list, and I have been keeping it up.

I think that it is helping, so I will leave it one of my regular practices. Zero out Anki reviews. Continue chatting with a tutor. Daily anki reviews 3. Continue passive immersion while driving and down times during day. Keep up with reviews. Finish intermediate stage 3 I have unseen cards currently 3.

Complete the Immersion Challenge. That will be all for April. I will try to do as much as I can in Japanese all the time, but I will not put any goals to that as to not pressure myself and end up burned out. Done 2. Done and started on stage 4 :D 3. Not done. April has been busy. I finished Graded Readers level 2 volume 1. The last book had quite a lot of text, but I got through it and it felt great.

Get back on track with the Anki reviews. Afterwards, start jalup advanced. There was this grammar workbook I rushed through in two days. Audio dramas! I will get back into them. This should be doable as I have less than unseen cards. Begin J-J!! Immerse immerse immerse. Humble goals, and I will be very happy and proud if I can mange to accomplish those three things.

Very happy to say that I added my last new card of the RTK mod deck on schedule. I feel triumphant. School became difficult but I managed to find the time. I have Japanese playing in the background for about hours of my day just as an estimate. Mostly anime dialogue that I am already familiar with. Some active immersion but not much. I think I might buy in and watch Clannad. So I started J-J and as expected I had some difficulty for the first week plus, and then the dreaded college finals season began and I had to stop everything but passive immersion and study nothing but English material for nearly a week.

Even had to take a week off from aikido. In all, April was a success though not a rousing one. Done before getting out of bed. Create Korean-Japanese cards: spend an hour of my shift doing as much as I can. Learn 2 new cards per day after 1 week of making cards. Find a TTS for Korean. Actively listen to 1 Asa no Gaijin or Nihon go no Mori video each day and then add to my immersion playlist for work. Download the audio for my immersion iPod. Also done before officially rolling out of bed.

Intensive read 1 Twitter post per day. No articles or books. Devote attention to reading all of Harry Potter by the end of the month. Read every night before bed. Seems like a lot, but the active studying can definitely be accomplished in 2 hours per day. I figure I just need to set a time. I have so many Visual Novels I want to read, but ….

Here are the things I am planning to finish at minimum this month:. Finished these both. What if:. With a side of J-J to start preparing for a vocab month. Then double check my N3 list for anything else. One card a day, two max in the background by my other decks. It gained me some familiarity with definitions, but cost me progress as the decks crashed and burnt. As well as any word from the sentence that I second guessed the reading of when I found it.

Furigana for the win. Missed registration by about 2 days. I works out well, I can only follow my current book well because I know it in English. Any extra time on it is a plus. I might just. Depends on the vocab gap I have by the time it rolls round.

Why not just not worry about it then, and focus on what you are interested in? All of my tech chose this month to implode. Copypasta without a mouse just was not happening. Added 2 cards for a few days to make up for missing a few days. I have 5 chapters left in it so I want to finish it in order to further prepare me for Yotsuba.

This month is the last month of school so there will be a lot of stress from assignments. I hope I can get through this month with all my goals conquered! I have barely touched Japanese since the end of the J-J challenge, but 2 weeks ago I reset my intermediate deck and started doing that and kanji kingdom at 5 new cards a day each.

The crazy thing is, after letting it sit for a few months I can now understand all the definitions pretty much crystal clear. Its like it just clicked for me. It does take time for some of this stuff to sink in. Good luck on your finals. Due to school ending at the month of may, I want to position myself for a summer of ass-kicking.

With that in mind, this month I want to:. I figure with both of those goals under my belt, my two months of summer can be for finishing the JALUP ! I started having a difficult time adding cards from Kanji Kingdom and the intermediate deck at the same time, so I decided to put off new cards from intermediate until this month was over.

After I finish intermediate next month, I might try 1 week sprints where I do 25 a day advanced then next week 10 a day Kanji Kingdom. By the end of May, this should finish intermediate with a few days to spare. This is my 2nd attempt at intermediate.

Life happened when I was around cards away from finishing. I ended up taking around 2 months off from studying. Complete the manga mayhem challenge. When I have time, add 5 a day from Kanji Kingdom. This deck is not my main focus this month, but I should still add when I can. I did pretty well for most of the month but quite make it. My priorities have temporarily shifted. Manga challenge! Ten volumes should be pretty easy; ultimate goal is 20 or 25 volumes.

This month is really reading-focused, though. No goal for making J-J cards? But dang you are going to read a buttload of manga this month.

Thanks for keeping me on top of things haha. Maintenance is a given by now I think. Complete the Manga challenge! This is my primary goal and it would be a major milestone to be able to reach it 2.

Get down to unseen cards in Intermediate Stage 4. If I reach this I believe I should be able to finish intermediate by the end of June. Another major milestone. Film du Box Office. After - Chapitre 2. The Owners. Comme Chiens et Chats 3 : Patte dans la Patte. We Summon the Darkness. Les nouveaux ajoutes.

Dracula Untold. Le Seigneur des anneaux : Le Retour du roi. Other songs of Snail' s House. Grape Soda flac Snail' s House. Japan Pop - Rock. Album: Grape Soda. La La La flac Snail' s House. Instrumental Japanese. Writer: Snail's House. It's gonna be alright flac Snail' s House. Ma chouchoute flac Snail' s House. First Love flac Snail' s House. Album: First Love. Fizzy resort flac Snail' s House. Album: fizzy resort OS 2.

Album: Ordinary Songs 2. Love Story Intro flac Snail' s House. Writer: Snail's house. Album: Love Story. Bitter Sweet flac Snail' s House. Love Story Outro flac Snail' s House. Interlude flac Snail' s House. Thinkin' of u flac Snail' s House. Brown hair and brown eyes and a dazzling smile. When she looks around the room, she finds a few boxes from the Hermes Express, but the boxes only contain bubble-wrap. Annabeth's duffel bag brushed against her thigh as she trudged up Half-Blood Hill.

And because they made a bet to see who wins the game. But what happens when she has a crush on a new guy? She has to choose between the two, and was her choice the rightNow, Annabeth is 16 and attends Goode High School where her only friends are Piper Mclean and Hazel Levesque.

But the production crew in this drama has opted to tip that balance and scale down the romance. Really random. When the two meet and get wrapped up in a problem more dangerous than they can imagine, what will happen?

Will they push aside their oath and fall in love? The first time Annabeth fell in love it wasn't so much falling in love as having a crush. Annabeth Chase is the deuteragonist of 'The Perseus Attraction'. With Annabeth attending a different school in New York, one that isn't Good High, it seems that life will be even harder.

Elmo's Fire Add Comment. She falls in love with Percy and is heartbroken when he has to leave. The first time she had kissed him had been precisely that: a quick kiss on Percy's cheek, after the their victory at the chariot race when they were thirteen. The thing is that I started writing it where the main character is an absurdist and the other character she falls in love with is a nihilist.

Percy Jackson just transferred to AHS on a swimming scholarship, and Olivia is convinced that there's something weird about him. Annabeth Thibodaux -or Annabeth Nass as a married woman- is a pretty, cheerful, creative, perceptive and empathic strong lady in her late 20's.

Summary: "No, I don't love you… anymore! Annabeth's POV. Nico and Luke are in a happy relationship until Kronos runs off with Zeus. She has to choose between the two, and was her choice the right Read Falling in Love from the story Falling For Percy Jackson by jacksonpercy with 2, reads. Originally Souichi's homophobia turned me off, but then after I returned to it and kept reading I learned it's more of a learned behavior and confusion than anything.

Inhalt ist versteckt. She is just like the female version of me plus with no Annabeth in the picture Percy wouldn't be so perfect.

Annabeth would've stopped running, but, hidden in an outcrop of large rocks, she spotted the Argo II. The series has appeared on manga best-seller lists both in Japan and in Germany, and the long-delayed US release has been labeled "one of the most highly-anticipated yaoi releases ever".

Any girl except for the school's smart girl, Annabeth cahse that is. Training to become an assassin in order to kill her teacher was not on the list of things she planned for her third year. I have green eyes and black hair. They contain sexual themes, violence and bad language Artemis falls in love with Percy - Don't tell me that Percy's the first good guy Artemis has met in 4, years. Bad little boy a percabeth fanfiction percy jackson annabeth kidnapped by castellan wattpad blood gifts a percy jackson au fanfiction just m wattpad leader of ants fanfiction.

When Percy wakes up, he describes Annabeth as a "pretty girl, with blonde hair curled like a princess". This is an asroarke fanfiction. She could tell when Percy was lying, and besides, he'd told her what he wanted his son's name to be.

Y: Annabeth is a famous supermodel who swore to never love again. Percabeth, AU. Good job! My friend has been bugging me about how I should stop savoring the last Olympian and finish so I can read about how Annabeth and Percy get married. This is a blog for all my Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus fanfic. He pulled the sheet from under her and patted the bed beside him. From the fanfic "Rose falls in love with Greg" Posted 12 months ago notes. She initially curse Hermes, but uses the bubble-wrap to make a cast to hold it in place.

I jump on him and he loses balance and falls in the lake. At the end of the book Annabeth kissed Percy for winning a Annabeth ran back down the sloped mountainside, the others racing behind her.

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