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Shine - Mass Hysteria (4) - Première Démo (CD)

For me, listening to metal is a very visceral and emotional experience. I am inspired by other forms of music, but metal is something different altogether. In the same vein as classical Western or [traditional Iranian] Sonati music, it's just so much more epic and intense.

It's difficult to express in words. The lyrical content often deals with confrontational topics that require and encourage individual thought. For the last few years he has been based in Iran, "to gain a better understanding of my ancestral home", and he releases his music via Bandcamp, on a tremendous series of EPs that take on themes like the ancient Persian hero Cyrus the Great.

Speaking via email, he expresses a deep love for his country. Hopefully, they will come away with a more positive outlook in regard to this beautiful country.

They will probably find that the Iran they hear about on their television set is nothing like the real thing," he says. For some odd reason, we are taught to judge nations based on their leaders and governments, and we lose sight of the actual people who live there. It's a shame, really. We have so much to gain from embracing one another, and so much to lose when we reject the opportunity to do so. And I hope my music, a mix of East and West, will serve as a model of what can be achieved when two different and seemingly unrelated elements are joined as one.

However hearfelt his love for Iran, however, in his approach to the ancient past Vizaresa takes a direct stance against the current Iranian regime, and although the stakes are not quite as high as in Saudi Arabia, like Al Namrood he has chosen to remain largely anonymous for the sake of his art.

Just like Christianity in Norway, Islam was forced on the Zoroastrian population through conquest and war. And as a result, our original culture faded, sort of. Although Islam was adopted, the Iranian culture largely survived. Since the thematic and lyrical elements of Akvan promote a return to pre-Islamic Iran, many of my songs are intended as opposition anthems.

He says he has to "play it safe", to avoid repercussions. Being a musician is not a crime in Iran, but "underground musicians, especially practitioners of metal, are automatically associated with devil-worship, blasphemy, apostasy, and expressing anti-regime sentiment. The punishment for these charges if found guilty: death. I think it also has a lot to do with my personality and my professional career. Regardless of where I am in the world, I have to maintain a professional appearance.

In Iran, social media websites are blocked. Circumnavigating that with a VPN slows internet speeds to the point where uploading a song onto YouTube becomes an ordeal. Meanwhile any "Western" music has to be acquired from underground bootleg shops, which mostly sell pop and rarely metal. As such, any developing Iranian metal scene is somewhat scattered and stilted. Forget about it.

So yeah, not a real happening place for metal fans," says Vizaresa, who has never played or even attended a live show. The only option for gigs are taken at bands' own risks in secluded locations - a house party beyond the city limits, for example. This obviously didn't last long. As a US citizen, Vizaresa has the option to return to the States and avail himself of regular shows, self-expression, and a chance to capitalise on the waves his work has made in the West. Given the metal scene in Iran is, as he puts it, so "scattered and isolated", it does raise the question of why exactly he remains.

The general population, the people of Iran, not the government, are very modern, sophisticated, and hospitable. The culture here is infinitely rich and the streets have a very vibrant feel to them.

It also helps that the local cuisine is absolutely delicious. Almost everywhere you turn, there is some historical landmark accompanied by its own myths and legends. Vizaresa's is a different Iran, a country defined not by the images of tyranny and repression we're often shown, but by its ordinary culture and rich history.

I guess that's why I do what I do. I try to invoke a sense of return to the majesty, to the Iran that was and still can be. Inquisition, live in Cairo, In Egypt today, though many remain wary because of the events of the past, for the most part the nation's metal scene has largely re-emerged.

As an anonymous fan puts it: "I really think the state and authorities also have matured and on the contrary would rather have kids busy with riffs, Satan and drugs than politics, no?

In , however, one member of the scene, Nader Sadek, found himself facing trouble after booking the legendary American black metal band Inquisition for a show. Of course it was all nonsense. The Syndicate later claimed it was merely concerned that the bands playing did not have the correct permits, but Sadek scored a victory when he appeared with one of its representatives on Egyptian national television. Yet in a key progression from the reaction that metal fans received 20 years ago, there was far less public hysteria.

The Syndicate was ridiculed. Last year, his plans to bring Brazilian metal legends Sepultura to the country were shut down, and Sadek was arrested. He is currently involved in a legal battle with Hany Shaker, the head of the Musician's Union, whom he is suing for defamation and libel. Worrying, too, is the fact that in the Egyptian government granted the Syndicate powers of arrest, though some Egyptian musicians believe the practical effect of that is simply to make it easier for the Syndicate to extort bribes in order to let shows go ahead.

Fell on Black Days 4. Mailman 5. Superunknown 6. Head Down 7. Black Hole Sun 8. Spoonman 9. Limo Wreck The Day I Tried to Live Kickstand Fresh Tendrils Half Like Suicide She Likes Surprises. Like Suicide Acoustic 8. Birth Ritual Original Demo Version No reason was given for the cancellation. In other news, MR. NET story or review, you must be logged in to an active personal account on Facebook.

Once you're logged in, you will be able to comment. NET does not endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of, any user comment. In the mass media, Mass Hysteria was known for some controversies and incidents [7] [8] surrounding them. But some critics have also noticed the quality of their music [9] [10] and their growing success.

In the last 25 years the band has played principally in France, Belgium and Switzerland. The Contradiction Tour resulted in over concerts throughout France. Mouss is from the city of Brest Brittany. Wicklow Ireland. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. French heavy metal band. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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    Mass Hysteria (4) Première Démo ‎ (CD, EP, S/Edition) Verycords: France: Sell This Version: none: Mass Hysteria (4) Appréci.
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    Consultez des crédits, des avis, des pistes et achetez la référence CD de Première Démo sur Discogs.
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    Mass Hysteria (4) プロフィール: French Nu Metal & Fusion band from Paris, with a touch of Electro. SAMP CD Mass Hysteria (4) Mass Hysteria (4) Première Démo ‎ (CD, EP, S/Edition) Verycords: France:
  4. Voodoozilkree says:
    Mass Hysteria is known for their eclecticism, combining industrial metal, alternative metal, rock and rap (–). Language [ edit ] The band sings primarily in French which has made them an exception throughout the metal Industrial metal, alternative metal, nu metal.
  5. Vigul says:
    Mass Hysteria > Demo 1 '96 Demo 1 '96 Mass Hysteria. Type: Demo Release date: Catalog ID: N/A Version desc.: CD-R Label: Dark Ages Format: CD Reviews: None yet Songs; Lineup; Other versions; Reviews; 1. Centuries of Hate (loading lyrics) 2. Dealer of Pain (loading lyrics) 3. Mass Hysteria
  6. Nazilkree says:
    Sauvagerie hystérique. Après un Failles paru en décembre qui, bien que culoté, avait divisé foules et fans, Mass Hysteria est enfin de retour avec la production la plus violente et la plus sombre de son histoire. Un album live et un nouveau bassiste plus tard, les cinq français reviennent à un metal indus brut et efficace en jouant très intelligemment la carte de la prudence.
  7. Migami says:
    Après plus de K7 «EXECUTION DEMO » distribuée en France et en Europe, cette première démo est épuisée. Enregistrement de la démo «M.S.D» qui sera distribuée à plus de exemplaires dans le monde (surtout aux Fanzines, Radios, Associations, Groupes et quelques fans), cette K7 n’est plus disponible.
  8. Samule says:
    4. Mailman 5. Superunknown 6. Head Down 7. Black Hole Sun 8. Spoonman 9. Limo Wreck The Day I Tried to Live Kickstand Fresh Tendrils 4th of July Half Like Suicide She Likes Surprises. CD TWO – Demos, Rehearsals, B-Sides & More 1. Let Me Drown (Demo)^ 2. Black Hole Sun (Demo)^ 3. Half (Demo)^ 4. Head Down (Rehearsal)^.

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