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Rapture (Radio)

The vast majority of these movies are based around the lives of mostly Christian people, and they have always been wholesome with a much-needed touch of innocence. While Republicans in Congress block funding, Democrats at the state level try to make it a reality. Huge mobs, some armed with weapons, are wreaking havoc, defying law enforcement to stop them.

It is literally a scene from out of an end times novel. But writing about it does not do it any justice, you need to see it with your own eyes. The jet stream will be wilder: there will be more wild temperature changes, more hail events, more earthquakes, more extreme volcano events, more snow in winters, lousy summers, late springs, short autumns, and more and more crop failures. Recession insurance bonds would be zero-coupon securities, a contingent asset of households that would basically lie in wait.

The trigger could be reaching the zero lower bound on interest rates or, as economist Claudia Sahm has proposed, a 0. The DOJ noted that all three cities rejected federal law enforcement support amid skyrocketing increases in crime. Perhaps the most explosive revelation was that the U. Treasury Department flagged payments collected overseas by Hunter Biden and business partner Devon Archer for possible illicit activities. Jerry Falwell resigns amid new sexual allegations,John Gray continues his perversion, Todd White says"God watches with you.

The political upheavel Register or log-in. Would you like to create a free account? SpyderTracks January 5, Report. Creamer and K is the one I heard everywhere though at the time, beautiful track.

Reply Notify me 1 Helpful. Its master tempo synced and muddier than original Fucking bad. MuriloHolanda July 11, Report. It's actually the 'Deep Dish Miami Dub'. Add all to Wantlist Remove all from Wantlist. Have: Want: Avg Rating: 4. Over different sectors of the city have tuned in to listen to Rapture Radio, which surprised us. Our radio audience has been consistent ever since we first went on the air and continues to grow. Our radio announcer with help from the Thinker keeps track of what songs are popular to our listeners.

Tracks that fall below the threshold we set, are removed. Tracks that are removed are kept in a seperate list and reported to us. We noticed, as radio traffic increased, less songs were being reported as falling below the threshold.

On February 9th we will air all original tracks that played on Rapture Radio, February 9th , including the masquerade ball broadcast.

Once the broadcast is over with, all tracks that were removed up until now will be restored, this will give tracks another chance of staying on the air.

Additional tracks will also be added. More information will be posted when it becomes available. We are working around the clock to get layout issues resolved. Most landing pages will be fixed today. We have brought back former archivist, Grisha to make the transition smoother. If guests have trouble accessing exhibits in a few days, please notify us immediately. Thank you. Update: Most landing pages have been repaired now, a common problem we are hearing from guests is problems navigating the SomethingintheSea.

The museum will be under heavy construction for the next few days while we fix and touch up a few things. Old links will be permanently broken. New links will be created, and legacy support for older links will be indexed. Please stay with your group to avoid getting lost, and pardon our dust during construction, thank you. As we approach May, things will start to kick off once again.

The SitS exhibit will be updated, as well as the audio diary section to reflect the changes that have occurred in Rapture over the past year. Expect updates to roll out in mid May. We're all sorry to hear about the closing of the IG Tabulation Company in Minerva's Den, they brought ground breaking technological advancement to Rapture and the products they created were that of true visonaries. We wish each of them and their families best wishes and hope they find work elsewhere, at Ryan Industries or somewhere else.

Rapture Radio has been repaired and all tracks have been restored. During our long hiatus we have received additional data for the missing days of SITS. We will fix those days later in November and the credits section will be populated accordingly. Many exciting things have happened since our hiatus, the archive gained two new staff members during the break, who are historical experts.

We are pleased to have them working with us. Areas of the archive will be given a graphical update and new sections will be opening. If guests have any questions or concerns send a message through the Pneumo it will be delivered in a flash! Update: Audio diary links have been fixed, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Days - Answering machine message logs has been fixed. Thank you to Rapturian, R. The archive is as complete as we can make it, all the days we have data for has been posted and is now available.

The Archive needs help tracking files down that other citizens might have in auxiliary storage. If you want to help, mail us through the pneumo and we will send you the small list.

Citizens, if any errors are found in the SITS exhibit please contact us an indicate which day s or what error you are experiencing. Polishing the exhibit is the next step in the preservation schedule. We are aware, puzzle boxes are broken or not functioning, we are working to display them in a separate section of the SITS exhibit.

I apologize for all the delays that occurred, it was my fault and not the rest of the archive team, who have been working long hours across multiple time zones to quickly push this out the door once the storage drives were recovered. Thank you to everyone who offered support and feedback during this year long journey. I hope this archive brings Bioshock fans closer together and resparks the fun and excitement many of us experienced when we peeked into Mark Meltzer's office all those years ago.

During our recovery process we thought all days had been preserved, it seems we celebrated to soon. The data we thought had been recovered turned out to be garbage files with only header information intact. Data on my end is not recoverable, perhaps one of our other archivists who lives in another part of Rapture can help. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Great news! Rapture Radio is a public service of Ryan Industries. This is perhaps the only service that Andrew Ryan did not charge his citizens to appreciate. The PA system still occasionally broadcasts period tracks and songs that can be heard throughout Rapture, dating from the late s to late s.

Interspliced are friendly PSAs and advertisements. To celebrate New Year's Eve , Rapture Radio sent a disc-jockey to capture the festivities and entertain the guests with music at the famed Kashmir Restaurant. Shortly before midnight, listeners were stunned to hear reports of gunfire and chaos as the station suddenly went off the air and dissolved into static.

DJ: "Keep it tuned to Rapture Radio for who's here, who's not, and everything going down under the sea! Why yes, I believe it is! Or is it possible that there is still a murderer at large waiting to kill again?

View All Popular Podcasts. RBG: Beyond Notorious.

Rapture Radio. Listen to Rapture Radio; Read User Manual; Original Track List; Guestbook. Sign | View Guestbook; Voices From The Past. Audio Diary Recordings: Collected Circa. ; Audio Diary Recordings: Collected Circa. ; Audio Diary Recordings: Sinclair Product Testers; Audio Diary Recordings: Cult of Rapture; Audio Diary Recordings.

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  1. Kazralkis says:
    Non stop dance music and DJ/mixes shows, plus you can select the tracks from our extensive playlist.
  2. Kajibei says:
    Your browser does not support the audio element. Online. 0.
  3. Zulkimuro says:
    Rapture Ready Radio A compelling look at current events, Bible Prophecy and apologetics with interviews of well-known authors and prominent leaders from around the world. Host, Jan Markell founded Olive Tree Ministries in the 80s to teach believers how to be watchmen on the wall and understand the times from a biblical perspective.
  4. Akijin says:
    Rapture Radio is the primary radio station to play throughout Rapture, and the only one heard in the series. Its advertisements can be seen throughout the city. Even after the terrible Civil War in Rapture, licensed period tracks can still be heard from the many jukeboxes and record players around the city, serving an eerie reminder of what once was a beautiful utopia. Rapture Radio is a.
  5. Dule says:
    Rapture Radio - Non stop dance music, plus specialist dance/trance shows every evening and weekend. Select the tracks you want to hear via our interactive player at
  6. Kaziramar says:
    Rapture Radio broadcasts both UK and international music that varies too from genre to genre. Although their main genre of choice is Pop and Rock but they don’t have any problem playing songs from genres like hip hop, urban, r n b etc. Rapture Radio main vision is to play what their listeners will listen or if saying the other way what their listeners would like to listen.
  7. Fekasa says:
    Dec 11,  · Rapture Radio is your online radio station, committed to preparing all people for the Glorious Coming of The Messiah JESUS CHRIST. It covers insightful teaching, revelations and prophecies, inspiring worship, devotional music and much more. Tune in to LIFE! Features include: Listen to Rapture Radio live - Record the Rapture Radio live stream - Receive important information Content Rating: Everyone.
  8. Shaktizilkree says:
    Rapture Radio has suddenly gone off the air, we are working with engineers and technicians to resolve the problem, please pardon our dust. UPDATE: Rapture Radio short wave broadcast has resumed across Rapture, enjoy citizens! UPDATE: Sonorous Radios now display proper information, thank you for your patience.
  9. Tekus says:
    Interactive dance music radio plus Specialist dance/trance shows every evening/weekend. This website uses cookies. For more information please see our Cookie Policy. Connection timed out or the server is offline. Interactive dance music radio plus Specialist dance/trance shows every evening/weekend.

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