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Puzzles - DJ Git Hyper - Zimmerman (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Voices - Fall In Love Again. Norvells - Without You. Jerry Townes - Never More. Extensions - This Love Of Mine. South Shore Commission - Shadows. Sidney Barnes - The Ember Song.

Background Players - Untitled Theme. Fathers Children. Everybodys Got a Problem. Dirt and Grime. Whos Gonna Save The World? In Shallah. Universal Train. Linda Movement. Cult Cargo. World Music. Ebirac All- Stars feat.

La Justicia - Stone Flower. Juventud Tipica 78 - Afro Theme. La Justicia - Alegre Jibarito. La Justicia - Guanguanco Coroco. La Justicia - Bwana Tambula. Tipica Leal 79 Jam Up. Ebirac Radio Spot. La Solucion - Mini MInoso. La Solucion feat. Mongo Santamaria - Mozambique.

Lowlands Studio Band - Trash One. Mother Lion - Simple House. Sassy - She s My Daughter. Bobby Welch - Yellow River. Linda Crow - I Still Remember. Circus - Different Feeling. Bill Swicegood - I m The Fool.

Sage - I Found My Music. Bobby Welch - Benashaw Glenn. Hope - Tomorrow. Circus - Give Me Time. Boot Hill - No Control. Sage - Everyday Is Saturday. Hope - Dream Away. No Longer. Silly Things. Camino Del Sol. Bye Bye Papaye. Boy From Ipanema. To Climb The Cliff. Spiral Staircase. Noelle A Hawai. On The Boat. Seaside Weekend. La Chanson des Jumelles. I Want To Make Up. I Dont Love You. I ll Never Let You Go. Gone The Promises Of Yesterday.

I Begin To Weep. Stormy - The Devastator. Johnny Williams - Breaking Point. Sidney Pinchback - Soul Strokes. Buster Benton - Thats The Reason. Johnny Williams - Maggie. Schiller Street Gang - Remind Me. Renaldo Domino - Nevermore. Kaldirons - You And Me Baby. Perfections - Which One Am I. Tags: karamo, brown, queer, eye, inspirational, motivational, quotes, funny, bitch, satisfactory, , real, trending, trendy, tumblr, girls, femboy, gay, lgbtq, fab5, fab, 5, five, antoni, jvn, tan, france, made, immigrants, black lives matter, check, your, privilege, ice, stop, trump.

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Tags: back to the future, back to the future, time travel, doc brown, marty mcfly, delorean, flux capacitor, emmet brown, save the tower, tower, hill valley, logo, sci fy, movie, spielberg, goldie wilson, future, time displacement, nerd, geek, science, funny logo, parody. And yes, I am fond of that type of music. Why, yes. I was raised on it, even--my family lived in England in the mid-Seventies, my dad is a folkie, and I was listening to all of those artists except C.

Other favorites were Mr. I tell my wife that men store maturity and wisdom in their bellies. That's why they keep getting bigger. Devin Well, that's the thing -- I strongly suspect that the preexisting "yo momma" jokes fed into the stereotyped use of "your mom and computers". Here's the thing: "Chain" jokes tend to represent widespread social anxieties.

Indeed, there was already a chain for "supercomputers", dealing with the fear of "all-knowing and perhaps all-powerful" machines. But, the form and face of computers changed, and so did the social anxieties. Now computers aren't something you go to visit like an oracle -- they've invaded our lives!

And they're still mysterious, even "magical", uncooperative and sometimes downright abusive. And that's how the experts feel!!! So, we started seeing new "joke chains". There was the "hapless secretary" chain, but then secretaries went out of fashion! So the collective unconscious went casting around for a new focus, and those "dozens" derived jokes were hanging around at just the right time Admittedly, the stereotype we're discussing isn't quite a chain joke, but even so, I think it's hooked into that same current of anxiety.

Every invocation of the stereotype reassures us that even if our poor mother can't handle these newfangled computers, we're up to speed, we know the lingo, we can figure it out for her You are no longer allowed to pre-register, and even the AA phone staff can't convince The System that really, there is no infant anywhere in your vicinity. You will have to wait in line and get your boarding pass from the agent at the airport.

The airline staff know this bug all too well, and there's nothing they can do about it. Re Steeleye Span I went browsing youtube a couple of years ago, after they played a concert in Boston. It was great.

Youtube was great too. It has clips of the group from last year, and clips from the s taped from old TV shows , and the s and the s and the whole lot. It's just fascinating to flip around and watch them I'd say "ageing" but it's utterly the wrong connotation.

Speaking of Steeleye Span and my childhood, somewhere I have a recording of the pantomime-style Christmas special they did for BBC radio in or ' Which sounds cool, but isn't, really--it's basically a commercial for All Around My Hat.

Still, an interesting rarity. Not cheap, but very good value for money. We've used a number of the bath bombs and other products over the years as well. I suppose it shouldn't have surprised me to find other Steeleye Span fans in existence at ML, but of course it does, at least partly because since I've been going round for the last 10 years or so thinking that I was more or less the only one left. I guess its possible that I'm the only East of the Bosphorus and west of the Himalayas.

I'll add to the chorus of those who aren't too keen on their version of John Barleycorn: I find it tends to remind me of this. I have a slightly bad conscience about posting this link, since I guess it's a fairly 'othering 'about mental illness. But a Music! Also: Elves? And then there's Ashley Hutchings -- I probably have one of the larger collections of his various projects around, but it's nowhere near complete.

Steeleye's CD The Journey , from a live concert featuring all the different lineups of the band almost all that weren't "currently dead", as Heather would say , is an essential album as far as I'm concerned.

Gives a good feel for the different approaches they've taken. One for the amusement of Tor folk here.

I just had email from Macmillan about new stuff at Tor. This led to a helpful page saying first copied and pasted to ensure acuracy : "There are no newsletters or alerts available for subscribtion at this time.

Please try again later. And after that: "There are no newsletters or alerts available for subscribtion at this time. Fade Manley - You could check out So. P South Austin People. I am an anti-fragrance person myself, but they're well-regarded in town. I really should dig through the old LPs and digitize that As far as "mom" jokes, aging, and perceived gender differences, has anyone caught those "most fascinating man in the world" beer commercials?

The ones with the grandfatherly man who looks a bit like a cross between Papa Hemingway and a tanned Santa Claus, and the narrator mentioning several unlikely scenarios which I'm guessing are cribbed from those Chuck Norris websites while said Fascinating Man swills Dos Equis surrounded by something female models Like the most interesting woman with a lady who looks like Barbara Bush Sr, surrounded by Robert Pattinson lookalikes and drinking Patron, as a narrator tells the story of her unlikely derring-do.

That's because we're stuck in the middle of a sexist culture. No thanks--give me Jason Momoa any day. Well yes, but I was just going for the age-difference. I'm guessing the age difference between BBSr and Jason Momoa is closer than that of the Interesting Man and the models surrounding him. But thanks for mentioning Jason Momoa!

If so, then I support the shirt shortage. I have a hard time thinking of Pattinson as eye candy--he's far too close to my students' ages. Of course, I have the same reaction to the "Interesting" Man and those models. This is not to say that I find all age-difference relationships horrible, just ones like Hugh Hefner's, where it's pretty clearly a power trip for the old guy. Tim Walters Ah! I liked it so much I ordered additional copies for my dad and sisters.

The album looks interesting, though quibble with 19 or so songs, it's short about of being truly complete. Sounds like it's time for me to seek out some Steeleye Span besides their version of "Tam Lin," which is all I know and which figures heavily in one of my favorite daydreams, about adapting the book to film but what young actor has both the looks and the gravitas of Thomas Lane?

Devin, Thank you for recognizing janetl's point, instead of defending the practice which is what a lot of guys would do. And a suggestion for an experiment: if you are in an environment where that sort of joke seems to flourish, try gender-inverting them and see what kind of reaction you get. I, for one, would be very interested in hearing the results of that. Melissa, I have a lot of friends who adore Lush, so when I've had a chance to visit one of their stores I've generally done so.

The issue I have with them is that they don't offer shower gel, and I'm not a bath person, so the bath bombs are useless to me. TexAnne, Nice! But I'll see that and raise you Isaiah Mustafa aka the Old Spice Guy , who is not only physically hot but has one of the world's hottest voices as well.

It took me a surprisingly long time to consciously notice how important voice is in my "this guy is attractive" filter. KayTei Sorry, while I agree that the "even your mom" comments are sexist, I do not buy that men are culturally stereotyped to "age into wisdom.

Does the phrase "Get off my lawn, you damn kids" ring a bell? Or all the jokes around "asking for directions"? To the extent that old women are supposed to become dotty and housebound, old men are expected to become doddering, irascible old fools who can't hear and don't listen. Melissa Singer I have a decent, if not exceptional "eye" for photography.

For various reasons, I haven't been able to get in my daily drawing for about the last month, and boy am I feeling it. I can still draw okay e.

I remember this from the days when I was practicing karate. Long weekend off, and it felt like I'd lost a belt-level of skill. Jacque, "After one day without class, the dancer knows; after two days, the teacher knows; after three days, the audience knows. I recently purchased a linen skirt that has metallic lurex threads woven into the fabric sparse metallic on outside, heavy on inside and not only did they neglect to include a fabric care label, but no one at the catalog house seems to have any idea either, other than "dry clean only".

Before tonight. And will continue to do so any time I wear it. So what should my ironing regime include? Is steam OK? How high should I set the iron? Iron front or reverse of fabric? Do I need a towel?

The lurex will probably melt. Start with a cool iron and a press cloth on a barely-damp skirt. The problem is that dry linen doesn't let go of its wrinkles, but the steam might melt the lurex. Or you could just give up and call them "rich wrinkles. Raymond's hypothetical, non-technical computer user: "Aunt Tillie". The sexism alone is one of the many reasons I don't like it. I'm scent-sensitive too, but don't have a problem in Lush stores, and I've been in 3 different ones in the NYC area.

Bath and Body Works, otoh, destroys me every time I walk in. Lee, they make shower gel and other shower products, though the emotibombs don't work well unless you have a small shower. While we're on the topic of who gets skewered as incompetent on the computer, I have to point out Tom Smith's Tech Support for Dad this version featuring a special guest appearance by none other than Tom's dad.

Averts stereotype: 1 it's about Dad rather than Mom; 2 the verse wishing that all software writers will end up having to teach their dads about their stuff. This is the latter. Clifton - The problem with stereotypes is that they tend to have some basis in reality. So confused and housebound really does describe my female relatives over I mostly was am around older men who tried hard to be good people, even though they couldn't hear, and weren't good about listening.

Joann - TexAnne is right that hanging in the bathroom with a hot shower will probably take care of some of the wrinkles, and set up for the next step I'd recommend. While it is still damp from being in the steam bath, set your iron medium low to low, and iron carefully through a towel, using a lot of force and not a lot of heat. TexAnne I have a hard time thinking of Pattinson as eye candy--he's far too close to my students' ages. I have a hard time thinking of Pattinson as eye candy because I just don't think he's very attractive.

Taylor Lautner, who's even younger, is pure eye candy. I'll take off my shirt with a flourish of pecs, pits, and deltoids, and use it to blot the blood instead of, say, going back 40 feet to the garage for a cloth.

As for Jason More! There's a kind of deep, primal attraction, not unmixed with fear, that I experience when I see him. Also, unlike the others so far mentioned, he's actually a good actor. I wonder how many shirts Clark Savage Jr wrecked thru his long career. Jenny Islander That's an interesting question. Basically, are the two hearts beating in phase?

It would depend on a few things: the natural periods of the two sino-atrial nodes; conduction properties throughout the heart; innervation and response to sympathetic or parasympathetic stimulation. Are those the same in the two hearts? That's assuming you just have two independent human hearts. IIRC the Doctor's heart sounds are of two hearts beating at similar speeds, out of phase, but not degrees out of phase.

This also makes me wonder how the whole circulatory system is set up. Does each heart handle one side of the body? Are there two independent and redundant circulatory systems? Caroline I think the movie with Paul McGann as the Doctor dealt with some of that. I have come back to this thread, and now have something over a dozen tabs of Interesting Soaps open. Thanks to everyone who gave me these links and suggestions! Now I just need to fret over Soap Comparison Points for the next few days until I break down and order whatever has the simplest interface Randall Munroe's latest news.

Like the first guy on the forum said, this doesn't look good. I found my Innocents tape! It just wasn't where I had thought it would be. Rob, you did indeed have the right group, although the sample on that site is not on the album I have -- I wonder where it came from?

The entire story, for anyone who's interested, is here. I'll cede the word "assumed," which I agree is more absolute than it should be. But I disagree that elder men as experts and mentors are an outdated stereotype. A stereotype with competition, sure. But I do think it's a positive stereotype that's applied a lot more broadly to men than to women, despite the fact that I think things are evening out in real life in a way that has outstripped the stereotypes.

I'm appreciative, I guess, that there are places where people pull in grandfathers as examples of nonexperts too, but I have never in my life heard anyone do that, whereas I've heard lots of LOL examples. Which argues to me that that's progress, of a sort, but I still observe that the imbalance exists generally. This bodes ill: I haven't written today's poem yet for NaPoWriMo, and I only have about 75 minutes left until midnight local time. Don't surf the web While in the nude: Your webcam might Betray your mood.

I, for all that I meet the minimum, don't have enough mass to donate comfortably. An hour of semi-shock, and a couple of days of no wind are the usual result of donating. I am actually fond of John Barleycorn by Steeleye Span, and while I like their Bedlam Boys I've spent too much time singing it, in lots of rounds of pick-up street signing, that it's not quite the thing anymore.

I like their shampoo rounds the one's which smell like lapsang souchong and the "Prince" shaving cream. I have to steelmyself to go in and buy it because the act of entering the store is a physical assault on my mental function. For which reason I tend to stock up and so have more of the little tins for soap than I shall ever need. The problem of his age is that he is supposed to have done so much that he can't be younger than 40, at the very far end of believable.

That's about the upper end of where we say women as a class are still attractive. That's a problem. Jacque: re 10, or as I learned it, "the first million words are crap. One doesn't knock out an oil painting or even a sketch the way a lot of people treat photography.

Even a quick drawing is someone trying to represent something. Shooting off six billion frames for the one chance 'good' shot woooooorks, but to get more consistently able to produce what you want, you need to start having a sense, before the shot comes along, that a good shot is impending, so you can get your camera out and shoot it.

I went through several years of trying to get more consistent about getting the results I intended out of photography, and what worked for me personally besides blowing off hundreds of thousands of frames shooting -- my pro-photographer grandfather kept saying, "Film is cheap, shoot a lot" was looking at images, whether by me or someone else, that really struck me, and trying to see what some of them had in common with each other. Wandering through a gallery exhibit, or a museum section, and consciously choosing to notice which images arrested me, made me stop and gaze Increasing your control of the technical issues of your shooting focus, exposure, lighting, etc can improve your shots, but I've taken several completely blurry, accidental, messed-up shots usually when turning a camera on and not intending to shoot whose composition and overall effect were nonetheless compelling to me -- they look kind of like abstract art, or charcoal drawings.

Curation is an active part of making art different people will choose different shots to keep out of a shot run , and self-criticism is the only way to consistently up your 'win' percentage.

I gave a speech once public speaking class in college , with powerpoint, about taking the first steps to improve your photography beyond 'decent-to-bad snapshots'. My sister-in-law is a massive Rush fan, and has been since her turbulent pre-teen years.

She has attended many live concerts, watched every video available, etc. Described at "The Strokes" meets "Highway 61" - we're excited that they are the beginning act in our new series. AKL is a 7-week, team karaoke league for those of us who have no athletic abilities, but a thirst for competition. Technical prowess, artistic presentation and all-around determination are the name of the game as teams vie for karaoke glory.

You can build a team with up to 5 of your friends or go potluck and be assigned to one. Each week will include 3 rounds solo, duet and group of themed karaoke challenges, audience games and mystery judges.

Registration is non-refundable. As a matter of fact, the gold medal team from season 1 was comprised of solo sign-up players. Register and we will place you with a team at orientation on January 25th. We realize 6 weeks is a long commitment. Teams need a minimum of 2 players to show up each week. You can perform as much or as little as you want. Sign up and find out! A league packet complete with rules and a season overview will be sent to you upon registration.

Alien Knife Fight are a creative duo based in the small junction town of Creedmoor, Texas population They work from their home studio, Big Bottom Farm, at all hours, creating their unique sound. A fine art graduate of Pennsylvania College Of Art, Monique Ortiz arrived in Austin after nearly 15 years of collaborating with some of Boston's most notable players A.

After a year in Austin she met Michael Howard, a bassist, drummer, and producer. With Mike coming from more of a metal, hard rock background, and Monique having grown up with new wave and post punk, the two began creating tom-heavy, bass-driven music that is as much a nod to the desert rock of QOTSA, as it is to punk innovators Wire.

The 80's Dance party has been a Highball tradition for years! Celebrating a week of amazing memories, shows, and friends in our new building. All week we'll bring you the best programming from the past year and beyond!

Action Pack karaoke is back, and ready for you to sing your heart out! The Highball is the finest karaoke performance stage in all of Austin. Pull your friends together, sing your favorite tunes and party like Monday doesn't matter! We're celebrating with a week of our favorite programming! What is CAH? Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people.

Unlike most of the party games you've played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends. The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. Do I win anything? You got it! Simply take pictures of your best and worst combinations and rweet them to ' highballaustin' during the game!

Celebrating the best acts from the last year. Before the Highbal even started, even! There are no less than pub quizzes held in the Austin area on a given week, but THIS is the best of the best.

But see what these fans have to say on Yelp: "They really have it all: attentive servers so we don't have to risk missing questions, funny and awesome trivia hosts, and extra events during trivia that afford us opportunities to win cool stuff. The Geeks who Drink put on a great show. My girlfriends and I had a rocking time. All week long we're celebrating days in our swank new building. Go Dance is a unique and established Austin icon, offering professional instruction in Country, Swing, Salsa, Ballroom and more, seven days a week.

With three beautiful studios, North Austin, South Austin and Lakeway, there's a time and place to dance for everyone! And of course, we can't do that without The Nightowls!

A Highball staple! When they were ready to record, they turned to award-winning Austin guitarist and producer Jake Langley, famed for his work with legends Roberta Flack and Bobby Blue Bland. And in the upbeat, optimistic title track, the Nightowls convey their dedication, perseverance and above all, passion.

Hailing from all over the map geographically and musically, the Nightowls claim terrain from New England to Arizona and influences from Americana to funk.

Bassist Rob Alton was trained at Berklee College of Music; other bandmates honed their skills in dive bars. Anniversary week is in full swing pardon the pun! Tonight we bring you The Atlantics, one of the Highball's most favorite big bands! WTF is Tittie Bingo?

Tittie Bingo consists of several rounds of regular bingo as well as one round that correlates to an edited porn parody. The first two players to win a round must then compete in a very special activity on our stage. Love sucks. We don't have anyone to spend Valentine's Day with. Except Netflix, and even they get tired of us after 3 episodes. So we're saying screw love, and embracing heartache! An anti-Valentine's Day Dance Party! A laser and glow necklace filled night of songs to make you think about death and feel sad about stuff!

To honor the life and career of Selena, we're throwing an amazing music video dance party! All the incredible hits you know and love on our giant screen, in all their glory! This is our first trip down the red carpet, so anything and everything Oscars is fair game. Expect questions about the ceremony itself, winners, losers, and the content of the films themselves. You might feel like the king of the world after winning, but please, no speeches.

Your team is limited to 6 total players, and use of your cell phone, or any other aids, is strictly prohibited during the quiz. Cheaters will be disqualified faster than the Academy nominates a Meryl Streep performance. As a special tie-in to our showing of " Atari: Game Over " - we'll be having a Yars Revenge tournament! Then after an open signup period, we'll have a game tournament and find out who's the best at the game system that started it all! It has been a long year since the last Austin Air Guitar Championship event and we need to fix that.

The great news is that the event is FREE for spectators! A night of watching the greatest sport in the world for free. Also, to make the night even better will be having a band preform at half time, tba. And, we will be giving out Alamo Drafthouse prize packs for 2nd and 3rd place. Come witness the spandex, the rock-n-roll, and the greatest thing you've maybe never seen before. Watch all levels of air guitarists compete in 2 rounds consisting of 60 second performances, where they will be judged on technical merit, stage presence, and "airness".

Once all is said and done we will have crowned a champion for Austin. The US has won the last two years and we must keep this streak going! Think you have what it takes to be an Air Guitar Champion? As well as an amazing dope Austin Air Guitar Championship trophy to have on your mantle. I hear it's a great conversation piece. We already have some great sponsors helping make this show amazing. Get your tickets here.

The Flea features all local handmade items and vintage wares from some of Austin's most amazing and talented vendors. Find one-of-a-kind gifts for the holidays or any occasion including jewelry, glasswork, clothing, artwork, paper goods, textiles and so much more!

Get your last minute shopping done right. Entrance to the event is free and open to all ages! Find one-of-a-kind gifts for any occasion including jewelry, glasswork, clothing, artwork, paper goods, textiles and so much more! We'll have three styles of music all from different decades! With free dance classes offered all over the city and surrounding areas, there is no better time to come explore the wonderful world of dancing! Last year over people took a Free Day of Dance class!

Classes are offered for all levels. No partner is needed, but dancing is fun with friends, so invite them along! For the 2nd year in a row choreographer and producer Sassy Delure is bringing you this fantastic Holiday show with numbers that combine cabaret dance, singing, comedy, burlesque, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Find out more atwww. Hello, Holiday! Hosted by David Higgins. Tickets: helloholiday. So, we called up local homage band Recovering and asked them to bring Mix Tape Volume 1 and 2 to life. And they did! On May the 4th, relive the 60's and 70's magic of the entire Volume 1 sountrack, and jam out to the newest offerings from Volume 2 performed live by a kickass 7-piece band featuring members of Karaoke Apocalypse, Sideways Grimace and The Lost Soul Review.

In the words of Blue Swede, you'll be hooked on the feeling. Do you keep a spare Cosmic Cube for guests? Are you Groot? If so, our next theme quiz demands you assemble.

The majority of our quiz will cover the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a smattering of the associated TV shows. Agents of Shield and Agent Carter are also fair game. What about the comic books? You might want to come prepared with more than one team name though. Find the ultimate team on the Geeks Facebook event! There's a long standing tradition when it comes to celebrating your birthday with us But it just so happens that one of our co-host's birthday falls on a Tuesday this year, so we decided to bend the rules a little bit and let her celebrate the occasion with all of you!

Bingo is an interactive comedy game show, with a twist! Instead of long, drawn out, boring bingo with only one winner, multiple winners are chosen for the chance to come on stage and compete in a variety of games to win "novelty" prizes from "specialty" stores. Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge. Each night features one round dedicated to an "adult re-imagined parody". But don't worry, we made sure to take out all the sex, leaving only the best part: the plot!

From classic TV shows like I Love Lucy, the heartfelt dramas like Dirty Dancing, or beloved childhood classics like The Smurfs, nothing is off-limits and ripe for parody! Tonight's featured parody - Rocky Horror Picture Show! Facebook Twitter.

We're celebrating the 5 year anniversary of The Highball reopening their doors with a special throwback night!

Bingo is an adult interactive comedy gameshow, with a twist! Instead of traditional ok, we'll say it: boring bingo with only one winner, multiple winners are chosen for the chance to come on stage and compete in a variety of games to win "novelty" prizes from "specialty" stores. Edited to take out all the sex, leaving only the best part: the plot! Tonight's featured parody - Talk Derby To Me! Join us for a special holiday edition of everyone's favorite interactive adult comedy game show!

We'll be showing a Christmas inspired film that will definitely put you on the naughty list! Bingo is an adult interactive comedy game show, with a twist! Tonight's featured parody - Christmas Vacation! When the first night of Hanukkah falls on a Tuesday, you know it's time to party! Join us for a special holiday edition of everyone's favorite filthy gameshow! Bingo is a pornographic themed interactive comedy gameshow.

Round after round of bingo to choose winners to compete in sex-fueled games on stage. Winners of B. Bingo win sex toys from our sponsor, body shots that get you up close and personal with other participants, and of course Because everybody knows the best part of the porn is the plot!

A celebration of excess drinking and flashing - and that's before you throw Mardi Gras into the mix! Come let out your wild side with our debauchery-fueled interactive game show, with the chance to win outstanding adult prizes!

And yes, we'll have plenty of beads for everyone in the crowd to "earn"! And for this special occasion, instead of our traditional parody round, we're going to try something a little different: we've enlisted a few very bold, very brave, very noble individuals to come on stage and read the very inspiring Dr.

We're having a summer themed party! A "parody" of BBQ Pitmasters! A "body painted" silent auction! We're having a summer themed pool party! Get your legwarmers and neon oversized sweatshirts ready: we're throwing an 80's Party!

Come dressed to impress with our 80's Costume Contest for "a very special prize" if you catch our drift Tonight's featured parody - Curb Your Enthusiasm! Tonight's featured parody - Deadpool XXX! Tonight's featured parody - Dr. Who XXX! Tonight's featured parody - Hell's Kitchen! Tonight's featured parody - Modern Family!

Tonight, we're doing something a little different. Tonight's featured parody - Pee Wee's Big Adventure! Tonight's featured parody - Pretty Little Liars! Tonight's featured parody - Saturday Night Fever! Tonight's featured parody - The Big Lebowski! Tonight's featured parody - The Newlywed Game!

Since forming the band in , he's performed with most every major artist in the Country and Americana music community. Stuart was personally given permission to use the band's name by Johnny Cash himself. He was also honored by the Man in Black with an invitation to record songs at Cash's own home in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Two other iconic music legends, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, were also early believers who were instrumental in helping Stuart get his start. With the release of their critically acclaimed debut CD "Walk Alone" in , the Bastard Sons quickly proved they were no novelty act. With strong songwriting and great musicianship, the Sons' quickly jumped to the forefront of the growing Alternative Country Scene.

No stranger to the road, their constant touring and hard work have built the band a loyal grass roots following both in the States and abroad. Our goal was always to find our own road, and to continue to keep the sounds and traditions of American Roots Music alive. And the gauntlets have been thrown!

Headlines Business Markets Startups Property. Gaming Gossip Movies Music Television. Gadgets Medical Photography Science Space. Fashion Mens Fashion Life Style. After the original accusations […] Read More The Good Things Devils Do see's the collector of strange objects having to work with a small time gangster trying to retire to fight a centuries-ol It is high quality and you can upload the recorded file to YouTube without converting it because the recorded file size is much smaller than files created with other software.

You can record and edit music, voice, and other audio recordings. With this free software you can cut, copy, and paste parts of recordings. The tool includes support for dynamic styles and many other unique features.

The Weirdos - "Destroy All Music" Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Green Vinyl, (Bomp) Being a music fan in Los Angeles in the late s was a lot of fun. At the time we had DEVO, The Screamers, X, LAFMS, and a variety of other artists doing recordings and shows.

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  1. Jurisar says:
    In he recorded his debut solo album “Zimmerman 1”, a year later followed by “ Zimmerman 2”. Both cd’s got fantastic reviews all over the Benelux. S.F.E.Q. started to tour as “S.F.E.Q. plays Zimmerman” which was a huge success at the time.
  2. Kazram says:
    Zimmerman by DJ Git Hyper, released 06 June 1. Amoha Suite 2. I Feel I Could Kill 3. Rumble 4. It's Time 5. Puzzles 6. That Gap Between Us 7. Too Many 8. Pure Exotica 9. Sweet Passion Dark Avenger Just Face It Rio Lering Folk A La Mod Washington D.C. Slaughter Soundwaves The first ever Dox release, catalog number Dox, released in
  3. Mijora says:
    From the back cover: "This album is an unexpurgated, unabridged, uncensored, unforgiveable reissue of Folkways LP FB All material contained on that edition, plus all material deleted from that issue is contained herein. Issued under license from Folkways Records". DJ Git Hyper - Zimmerman.
  4. Fenrijind says:
    1. Zimmerman Dox 2. Resport Stewardess Düsseldorf 3. Taken from the 'Weedmans EP' Dust to Dust 4. Dancehall Malfunction Asphodel 5. Salaryman City Slang 6. Rubber Man 12" Double T Music 7. Drum 'n' Bass for Papa Blue Planet 8. Winter Sun Rumble 9. Suicidal Dub LSD Love and Hate in Dub Earache Blown Lo Recordings Demonstrations /5(7).
  5. Shaktizilkree says:
    Record/Vinyl. € EUR. Analog Girl In A Digital World – CD (digipack) Chin Chin – 12" vinyl (2-LP Gatefold) New Cool Collective. DJ Git Hyper. Compact .
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    List of bands from Canada; List of diamond-certified albums in Canada; Further reading. Toomey, Kathleen M., and Stephen Charles Willis. Musicians in Canada: a Bio-bibliographical Finding List.
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    Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player with Built-in Speakers | Upgraded Turntable Audio Sound| Includes Extra Stylus | Turquoise, Model Number: VSCBT-TQ Victrola $ $ 98 $ $
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    Sep 13,  · Vinyl Record Display Vinyl Record Storage Vinyl Shelf Lps Lp Storage Storage Ideas Vynil Record Cabinet Record Shelf 9 Incredibly Stylish And Fun Ways To Store Your Vinyl Records Whether you want to levitate your LPs or store them like Don Draper would, there's a stylish vinyl record storage solution waiting for you on this list.
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    known by genre aficionados as one of the greatest singers and most riveting stage presences in soul music, jackie shane has remained largely unknown outside toronto, where her career briefly flowered in the s. beyond her unmistakable gift of the gab, shane is a pioneer of transgender rights, born in a male body but unabashedly living her entire life as a woman at a time when to do so.

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