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Open Spaces - Pony*, Zaander*, Moon* - Open Spaces / Sacred Places (Cassette)

All bus tours are currently unavailable. See trees that are direct descendants of seeds that were taken to the Moon, and stand in awe of the one-of-a-kind bronze statue of Apollo 11 astronauts. Plan Your Mission. Make the most of your adventure with the best information to plan your visit.

Buy Tickets Learn More. Or is it all that remains of some rich Martian's getaway retreat? The Ukert crater, located near the center of the moon as it is viewed from the Earth, contains this amazing equilateral triangle. According to "Luna: Arcologies on the Moon," each side of the triangle is 16 miles in length. And note the three bright objects around the perimeter of the crater — if they are joined by straight lines, they too would form an equilateral triangle.

Is this evidence of intelligent design, or is it merely a fantastic coincidence? This one comes directly from a famous photo taken during the second Apollo mission to land on the moon, Apollo Astronaut Pete Conrad took this shot of Alan Bean as they stood on the lunar surface. You can see Conrad in the reflection in Bean's visor.

You can also see some instrumentation in the foreground of the reflection. But what the heck is that thing hovering in the sky in the background, pointed out here as "artifact" by "Luna: Astronauts Among the Ruins"?

You can even see the shadow it casts on the ground behind Conrad. It's been seen as everything from a UFO to a hanging light fixture by those who think the Apollo landings were faked.

Yet this photo is really puzzling. We can usually find reasonable, or at least plausible, explanations for the other photos shown here and elsewhere, but this one is truly enigmatic. Shoemaker wanted to be an astronaut himself, but was turned down because of a minor medical issue.

Throughout his life, this remained his biggest disappointment. Still, hoping against hope, Shoemaker kept on dreaming that he would some day visit the Moon. His ashes remain there, scattered among moon dust. All of this seems to point toward an advanced civilization that has lived on the Moon and built complicated structures.

NASA has never really bothered to debunk these strange theories. As everyone knows, sand gets everywhere even on Earth, but on the Moon, it is downright hazardous. Lunar dust is as fine as flour, yet extremely rough. NASA has experienced numerous problems caused by moon dust. And in case you were wondering: Yes, of course this devilish substance smells like spent gunpowder. Although the gravity on the Moon is only one-sixth of that on Earth, moving on its surface is by no means an easy feat.

Buzz Aldrin says the Moon was actually an extremely difficult environment to move in. The space suits were clumsy and their feet sank in the moon dust for up to 15 centimeters 6 in.

If the astronauts wanted to go any faster than slow walking, they had to move in clumsy kangaroo-like bounds. Among the many interesting features and details from the south pole of the moon , we can find at the right center of the photo, Longomontanus crater, with a diameter of Above it, near the terminator — or the line between night and day — is an even bigger crater, Clavius, which is

Aug 14,  · The Hidden Moon by Quarkspace Review. Eternity's Jest Records' motto is a dedication to freaky sounds and The Hidden Moon is packed full of all things freaky, dreamily flowing, and even fun. -- Aural Innovations Quarkspace's spaceship is sailing at warp 9. -- .

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    Aug 23,  · About Space Station Plaza - SSP is your galactic portal to alignment with natural cycles and rythms calculated using the Dreamspell calendar. Conversion to "kin" happens automatically on SpaceStationPlaza, illuminating the relationships you have to Famous People and other kin (passengers) on the Tzolk'in (the day Calendar).
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    Sep 16,  · Supermoon, Blood Moon, Blue Moon and Harvest Moon. Learn about the different names we have for a full moon! explore; All About the Moon. The biggest planet in our solar system. explore; Make Oreo Moon Phases! For the New Moon, you must eat all the creme filling! do; Build a Moon Habitat!
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    Nature Sacred, Annapolis, Maryland. 61, likes · talking about this. Nature Sacred offers an effective model for bringing nature to our cities in ways that restore balance. Offer respite.5/5(3).
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    carterCANHCCAN_pony-wall1. Attach the Beams. To build the frame, place the /4 inch 2x4s between the top and bottom pieces. These will become the studs of the wall. Because one end will have the support of the wall and the other end will not, it is best to support the free standing end by positioning the studs closer together.
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    Mar 16,  · a pony wall with an upholstered bench and functional open storage units for separating the entryway from the rest of the house. Kitchens/ Dining Spaces. Divide the living room and kitchen or dining space with a pony wall! It may act as a bar counter and even contain a kitchen island from the kitchen side. Incorporate storage and make a stylish.
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    Aug 12,  · This is a musical short about a Space Pony. A Pony that travels through space while singing about it. (How does he breathe? I don't even) The Animation is mainly based on SPACE WALRUS by Chris.
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    Feb 25,  · There's a lot we know about the Moon: it's roughly one-sixth the size of the Earth, is about billion years old, is approximately , miles distant from the Earth, has no atmosphere, and is covered with a fine gray've walked on the Moon during six Apollo missions, and we've sent many more probes there to map it and study it.. But there's much we .
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    Moon Alien Base Mysterious Structures On The MOON “Luna Base,” according to many UFOlogists is a newly discovered ancient Alien base on the far side of the Moon (e.g., the side we never see). They say it was filmed by the Apollo Astronauts and a .

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