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Legends (CJs Bass Injection Mix) - Sacred Spirit - Sacred Spirit Volume 2: Legends (Vinyl)

That song peaked at No. I didn't have to watch the movies again before I started writing the music. I had already seen them all 10 times. Serra, whose soundtrack al- bum for "The Big Blue" went to No. He in- terrupted work on his debut solo al- bum to score "Goldeneye" and plans to resume work on the record with producer Rupert Hine soon.

A multi-instrumentalist and singer, Serra has a vocal track that closes the soundtrack album and is featured over the movie's ending credits. The Turner song plays over the opening credits. If it goes well, there's no reason we can't expand this to 30 markets.

At press time, no sta- tions had been confirmed. Bands are asked to submit to NARAS two cassettes with no more than three original songs, a one- page biography, and a photo by Dec. Five bands from each market will be invited to perform at the showcases. This unique collection features new art and images from the band's upcoming Anthology program and from all periods of the group's existence.

He began his career with a management company in Los Angeles, which led to working with Pat Boone and daughter Debby in their pro- duction and publishing companies. I had a great time. And then I came back and farmed for a couple of years. By the time I came back, I really had a vision of what I wanted to do. My whole idea was develop- ment and growth, and Mike was getting to the point where he wanted to slow down. I find I can't help people who want to slow down very well.

We're not as good at maintenance as we are at development I think we do a good job at maintenance, but it just doesn't drive us. What are the top markets? Let's take all of our marketing dollars and slide it into those top markets. Let's go in and tour. Let's put together a show that can't be beat Let's go in and develop your draw.

We wanted to go in and own the room. After going into a city, they didn't go back in for a while, in order herever your listeners celebrate the holidays, they' 11 enjoy a special gift from the Air Force and Reba. On this free hour-long program, she sings songs of the season and some selections from her new album.

Starting Over. Licensed country music stations will receive this holiday program on CD the first week in December. If you're not on our Country Music Time mailing list, or a country station, fax to request your copy. When they did go back, it was to a larger wnue. We went into rooms I knew we could fill. I wanted a sellout every time. That's what we did with "The Great Adventure" tour. Then we just kept making it bigger each time and developing the draw.

Though Raines has his share of success stories, like all artist managers, he's made some mistakes. I did a Charlie Peacock tour too quickly based on his critical acclaim.

I put him out there way too fast and in halls that were too big. I didn't spend enough time getting to know what the essence of that artist was before I did a tour on him. It was my mistake and an injustice to Charlie as well. That's proba- bly one of my biggest regrets over the last seven years.

What is it that, when you do it just feels right? And the second part is that we take a very focused strategic emphasis.

It's not about maximizing short-term success. The approach we want to take is about a long- term career that lasts at least a lifetime.

SM 13S S0 11,01 s J Tacoma. Wasn , cs 33 BUI Calif SC Phone: Fax: For research information and pricing, call Mane Ratliff. A deal was finally struck for "Songs From Venice Beach. I was impressed by the range of the material that he did. To promote the record, Evidence will conduct in-store contests at retail; Gor- don says one promotion involves giving away a folk guitar.

The label is also doing mailings to press and triple-A radio. PD Mike Morrison notes that Hawkins played live on the station's "Music Hall" artist showcase and per- formed last year at Gimme Shelter, a benefit show for low-income and home- less family programs co-sponsored by the station. This year's concert, on Mon- day 20 at the Palace in Hollywood, Calif. Meyer says, " Galloway's idea was, We've got this great footage, let's see what else is out there.

Can we put to- gether a documentary on Ted? Besides a large helping of Hawkins' Universal Amphitheatre set, the video includes several performances captured on the Venice boardwalk, an intimate glimpse of Hawkins and Pete Seeger playing together backstage at New York's Bottom Line in , and footage of Hawkins in England shot by Granada Television during the singer's late-'SOs sojourn in the U.

He knew the subject matter. A few years ago, in the Super Bowl host city, the league started the NFL Expe- rience, a temporary theme park with concerts, appearances by players, amusement games, and a variety of fes- tivities. The performances under the concert- series umbrella will be separately ticket- ed events not included in the NFL Ex- perience admission. One reason for the NFL's expan- sion into concerts is simply to keep lo- cal promoters from taking advantage of the Super Bowl.

For years, rights to use the local venues have been included in a city's bid- ding process to attract the game. How- ever, Garber says, the league never uti- lized that benefit until now.

To that ques- tion, Garber happily replies yes. Smith says, "If we get really excellent press on the home video, I think, of course, we'll get some ancillai-y sales of the CD itself. Again, that's not why we put it out — we put it out because it's an important document" According to Smith, Geffen will ini- tially promote "Amazing Grace" to the press, which enthusiastically embraced "The Next Hundred Years.

Strange Fruit Records in the U. They never do independent licensing, but they had such success with Ted's The Next Hun- dred Years,' which was a top 20 Bill- hoard-charted record in Australia, that they're definitely interested. Which is whv we're as respected Tor our sales and marketing as we are known lor our music. With timely payments.

Innovative promotions. Creative marketing. Thoroughness and accessibility. If Allegro sounds like the kind of name you want representing your name, simply call us today. You get over 16, listings in the U. Order multiple copies for your entire staff! NJ, CA. I ot copies.

Check enclosed tor S. Cardholder please print. Name Company Address City. Box NJ For fastest service call or In NY call In NJ call In addition, Westwood One radio personality Casey Kasem, who says he applauds Robertson's efforts in "trying to change the world through music," and actor Ed Asner will be among the celebrity hosts. Contrary to published reports, Kit- aro and Kenny Loggins have not committed to performing at the con- cert, according to their representa- tives.

However, the artists' respec- tive representatives say both have expressed interest in the event. Anita Baker is also reported as a scheduled performer, but her representatives could not be reached at press time to confirm. The common thread these artists have, according to Robertson, is "they are about promoting inner peace. Until you have that, you can't have outer peace. We are in a spiritual crisis, and that's what this event is about.

I've been involved with that for a long time with the music I do, which is very positive. Anything that can bring out awareness is a good idea. Robertson, whose background is in sales and the process control industry, says the money raised will be used to convert defunct U. The initial goal is to convert one base in California as a test model, then tar- get the available bases nationwide, he says. DeLores Tucker, chairwoman of the National Political Congress of Black Women, has shown her support for the World Music Festival and also supports the concept of converting mil- itary bases to train youth.

Robertson says he plans to give away 20, tickets to children through a corporate sponsor. Representatives from the Coliseum, which seats approximately ,, did not return calls at press time. Jonathan is the real shit, and that's the kind of artist we want to be involved in. We aren't going to put out five albums a year, hoping two get airplay, so we could follow those two and drop the other three. Although Vapor will utilize Reprise for graphics, marketing, and publicity, it plans to assemble its own indepen- dent promotional network.

Somers says the labels' initial pro- motional efforts behind "Dead Men" and "Stonecutters" will be on a mar- ket-to-market basis. However, Somers says, if one of the albums takes off, Vapor may call on Reprise for promotional support. Reprise president Howie Klein says, "We have a long history of working with Neil and Elliot and we work very well together. This is a working part- nership based on mutual respect and trust that is going to evolve.

Sebadoh of Port Apache Studios tame. X For more info - irsinfo aol. AG When an album reaches this level, the album and [he artist's subsequent albums are immediately ineligible to appear on the Heatseekers cnart.

All albums are available on cassette and CD. Albums with the greatest sales gains. Communications and SoundScan. Come Dec. Right now, it's difficult to find. The al- bum has been a hit for such key indie ur- ban accounts as George's Music in Chicago, Shantique in Detroit, and De- troit-based urban one-stop Angotts. IZZ De- troit to various other markets. Doug Wilkins, senior director of national promotion at GRP. Heading West. Idaho hits the road for a West Coast swing with Lifter from Nov.

Die L. Mr" 1. Heather Nova. Oyiler 2. Bryan While. Bryan While 2. Garbage, Garbage 3. Tarn Clark, Tern Ofk 3. Mendy Patmkin, Oscar 4 Steve 4. Oyster S. The Com. Forgiven, Hot Forgotten 6. Jimil, Lait Chance. No Breaks 7. Blood Si Da t f u HifJfli 7. Caplefon, Prapriecy 8. Garbage 8. Jeff Carton. Seven Mary Three, Arnerican Standard 1 0. Anderson says GRP will tag the radio spots with ma- jor chains two weeks after the in- die-store spots run.

Raw Stylus, which made waves in the U. The band, which expands to a pieee entou- rage for its live shows, calls its brand of hip-hop, old-school funk, pop, and jazz "street soul," rather than acid jazz Dance Trax, Oct.

Its first single, "Believe In Me," which is gaining momen- tum at top The band is touring Europe with the Connells and plans to tour the U.

The label plans to bring the band to the U. The band will likely embark on a tour in early 1D! Dee says, "There are people who are not blessed to be able to do what I do.

So I want to bring something back to the 'hood, and computers are going to be even more important in the next four to five years. G-Vine, which man- ages Dee, is soliciting support from Capitol to match the funds that will be donated by Dee and its other artists. Construction for the centers will begin in late Sheppard says, "Dazzie has been a front-line soldier.

He's been a Crip for the past 14 years. His music offers something other than negativ- ity. Dee says the album was recorded with the underground rap communi- ty in mind. I want radio to come to us. He's not talking about killing or drive-bys [ and asking young peo- ple to think about what's really going on.

He's telling people there ain't no glory in this. Louis, and Cleveland — markets in which West Coast rap sales are high- est. In October, Capitol street teams distributed stickers and a three-song cassette sampler to mix-show DJs, record-pool directors, and neighbor- hood venues, such as barber shops and liquor and grocery stores.

Dee says, "By working with G- Vine [which has other gang members signed to its roster], we're showing that [rival gangs can work together]. No Half-Stepping. I use the same scenario on my album. I say, 'OK, I represent this, but peace to this side. With gangs, the only time vio- lence comes is when one side of a gang feels disrespected.

It was directed by comedian Ricky Harris and puts a lighthearted, poignant spin on the eagerness with which Continued on ggflg 27 Ringing In Bell. The artist will begin recording his debut solo set later this fall.

An Alternative Black Radio Format? We received nearly a dozen phone calls, faxes, letters, and pull-asides regarding the concept for an alternative black radio format mentioned in this space last week. Unfortunately, none of the respondents were radio station owners or programmers. For those serious about the so-called black alternative format, from label execs to consumers, it's probably a good idea to organize some sort of campaign geared toward gaining the attention of those responsible for what we hear on our audio pleasure boxes.

Because a format change is a costly and risky undertaking, perhaps stations would initial- ly be more open to airing an alternative show during a late daypart Black alternative acts will never see the light of day on a mass scale unless black radio comes to the table. Unless consumers complain about sta- tions' current practices, it will take more than a few music journalists writing about the issue to get black radio there. Rhythm and the by. In addition, she supervises all business and legal affaire matters pertaining to Per- spective.

Irby was formerly business affairs senior VP at Motown. The show will be held Feb. The award winners will be announced in January. The Washington, D. Suzan Jenkins remains the foundation's executive director.

Stewart currently man- ages Tommy Boy artists L. However, Loud president Steven Rifkind is confident that Stewart will experience success in the new venture. No word yet on the label's debut act or when it will be released. The evening kicked off a comedy film festival Nov. The album was recorded earlier this year during the artist's Natural Wonder world concert tour with the Tokyo Sym- phony Orchestra, conducted by Dr.

Henry Panion III. A RIAA certification for shipment c4 1 million units , for EPs , with multiplatinum titles indicated by a numetal fol- lowing the symbol. It con- tains the Year End charts, chronicling the year's best releases.

Plus, expanded editorial coverage recaptures the impactful trends and happenings of the past year. A Collector's Issue, it remains on the newsstand for two weeks. This January 6 spotlight is anchored around the year-end positions of Billboard's home video charts, including Top video sales, Top video rentals and Top kid video. In addition. Billboard takes you through the major trends of 1 as well as taking a look at predictions for trends and developments.

Billboard's spotlight on France offers readers a comprehensive current overviewiew of the French music market. In addition to listing key contenders in the various categories for the awards, the January 20 issue also explores the revitalization of French popular music, featuring capsule reports on French acts, music video production and always important French radio! Contact Francois Millet Reach Billboard s As a follow-up, our January 27 issue highlights the event's activities including in-depth coverage of European licensing, music publishing and the Asian Pacific and Latin American music explosions.

Billboard's January 27th spotlight brings you up-to date on Canada's music market with a special emphasis on the international success of Canadian talent. Our editorial coverage includes a look at label releases, emerging talent, musical successes and the overall growth of the Canadian marketplace. This comprehensive overview of the UK's market- place takes an authoritative look at the resurgence of British pop from the viewpoint of the new corps of international executives at the UK labels.

Olher topics include British acts who experienced chart success this year and case histories on '95's most notable UK breakthrough stories. The only publication that delivers your message around the globe, Billboard's worldwide reach is unrivaled. Put it to work for you. The decline in sales doesn't mean that the record is over; it's just that it is almost impossible to maintain the same level of sales when a record blows out of the stores in its first week- Next week, "Exhale" could well find itself in the same situation as "You Remind.

L It should be very interesting to see who prevails. The complete single stalls at No. This surge in sales helps give it a huge boost up the chart At radio, "Still In Love" is just getting started. It is developing equally at radio and retail. This week it is No. As Christmas approaches, it is not unusual to see more releases than normal. Quincy Jones is at No. Other hot ones include "Soul Food" No.

Tommy Boy , and "Mood" No. The clip portrays a kid watching a TV commercial selling a "gangster starter kit" that contains gang-asso- ciated paraphernalia, including a pair of Converse sneakers, khaki pants, a pager, an Oakland Raiders cap, and a 'How To Be A Gangster' manual.

The next day, he goes to school and passes by a corner where he used to watch older guys play dominos, but now in that spot is a [police] chalk outline of a body. He just shakes his head and walks away. The video and the song is like a wake- up call. The label is also investigating concert packages with other West Coast artists. Dee currently has no booking agent. At press time, the label had not scheduled an international release date for "Where's My Receipt? Little Ones. This set is soft, easy, and sensuous.

We're talkin' bal- lad central here. Forget Miller time. Instead, pour some cabernet and light the candles. Earlier this year, the label tried to run a bus-bench ad campaign for the group's album "The Real" through- out Inglewood but was prohibited from doing so by city officials Billboard, Sept.

Solid Team. Robinson has produced the last nine clips directed by Cube. Cl' Dl. A RIAA certification tor sales of 1 million units. Catalog no. T Vinyl maxi-singie availability. V Vinyl single availability. AS FSOf. E'Es Eea-. T'JE P. SSE'S', S s ;:,-'-, i , - e issr!

AMN3 R -iT. Tf M- 1. ALLEN RilEvi '. J 1 [-r't. CKDi V! BLiTZZ LEV '. Soundcrowd - Energy Rush. Soundcrowd - Sixth Season. Soundcrowd - Sixth Season Karma Mix. Soundcrowd - Think About It Please. Spiritual North - Superman. Sublime - Transamerican LA Mix. Subliminal Cuts - Drumtrack Melody. Subliminal Cuts - The Dance.

Suburban Delay - Energy Rush. Sultana - Te Amo Powertrack Mix. Sven Vath - L'esperanza. Sweet Drop - Human Nature. Taiko - Echo Drop Dub. Taiko - Echo Drop Hard Mix. Tobacco Boys - Headstrong. Transform - Transformation. Transform - Transformation Transform Rmx. Transformer 2 - Pacific Symphony. Ubiquity - Bolivian Angel Saxy Mix. Underworld - Born Slippy.

Vapourspace - Gravitational Arch Of Vincent De Moor - Flowtation. Violet Rain - Coloured Vision. Visions Of Shiva - Perfect Day. Void - Orcana The Seductive mix. Voodoo Posse - Totem Vibe. Wippenberg - Neurodancer. World Power - I'm Happy. X-Trance Feat. Anja - The Commitment. Yomc - Great Feelings Space Mix. York - Reaches Of Civilisation. Yves De Ruyter - Calling Earth. Alien Factor - Plexus Mr.

Anon - Let's Skate Mr. Spring Remix A. Baby Blue - A Little Love. Baby Blue - Baby Boom. Baby Blue - Child Klm Mix. Brain Bashers - Do It Now. Camisra - Let Me Show You.

Clubspy - Poppa Large. Commie - Drop The Bass. Dons, The - Drop The Gun. East Anglia - Unmanageable Sharp Mix. Jay Pidgeon - Beat da Boom. Ken Tobin - Get On the Floor.

We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. Limited time offer. New subscribers only. Heya-Hee Intertribal Rain Song. Heya-hee Intertribal Song to Stop the Rain. Interlude "To Be a Slave" 2. Interlude "To Be a Slave".

Interlude "To Be A Slave". Interlude "To Be A Slave" 2. Interlude: The Wide Open. Land of promise. Land of Promise. Land Of Promise. Lay-o-Lay Ale Loya edit. Legends album version.

Apr 05,  · Safari Music - The Independent State Of Mind Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence. Its common elements are pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and the sonic qualities of .

8 thoughts on “Legends (CJs Bass Injection Mix) - Sacred Spirit - Sacred Spirit Volume 2: Legends (Vinyl)”

  1. Togul says:
    Legends (CJ's Bass Injection Mix) Remix – CJ Bolland: 3: Legends (Original Version) 4: Sacred Spirit: Sacred Spirit Volume 2: Legends ‎ (12", Maxi) Virgin, Virgin: VST , 8 6 5: UK: Sell This Version: , 8 2 3: Sacred Spirit II* Legends /5(7).
  2. Arashishakar says:
    Sacred Spirit ‎– Sacred Spirit Volume 2: Legends. Label: Virgin ‎– VST , Virgin ‎– 8 6 /5(10).
  3. Tusho says:
    Nov 11,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Legends on Discogs. Label: Virgin - VSTDJ • Format: 2x, Vinyl Legends (CJ's Bass Injection Mix) Remix – CJ Holland* A2: Sacred Spirit: Sacred Spirit Volume 2: Legends /5(15).
  4. Taudal says:
    Nov 11,  · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Sacred Spirit - Sacred Spirit Volume 2: Legends at Discogs. Complete your Sacred Spirit collection/5(58).
  5. Malasho says:
    Amazon Music Unlimited Amazon Music HD Prime Music CDs & Vinyl Download Store Open Web Player MP3 cart Legends. Sacred Spirit. January 1, Get a special offer and listen to over 60 million songs, anywhere with Amazon Music Unlimited. Legends (CJ's Bass Injection Mix.
  6. Zulkikazahn says:
    Made in UK. Virgin, Cat# VSCDT Track Listing: 1. Legends (Andy Bradfield Remix Edit) 2. Legends (CJ's Bass Injection Mix)
  7. Dak says:
    Legends (CJ's Bass Injection Mix) Remix – CJ Bolland: 3: Legends (Original Version) 4: Legends (Andy Bradfield Remix) Sacred Spirit: Sacred Spirit Volume 2: Legends , 8 2 3: Sacred Spirit II* Legends.
  8. Shaktisho says:
    Check out Legends by Sacred Spirit on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Vinyl, 1 Jan. "Please retry" £ — £ Streaming Unlimited MP3 £; Audio CD £ 4 Used Legends (CJ's Bass Injection Mix) Listen Now Buy: £ In MP3 Basket View MP3 Basket 3. Legends.

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